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For over 55 years, gierrehome has been focusing on sale, design and decoration of houses and offices. From our head office in the heart of Made in Italy furniture production, to our showrooms in Lugano, gierrehome has been carrying its brand name with the most eminent italian and international brands of furniture and design. Thanks to its logistic structure and international partnerships, gierrehome has contributed to bringing Made in Italy design in the world.

Gierrehome’s business philosophy is to change each environment into a new concept of living, following the needs and styles of those inhabiting it.
Extreme care in the selection of pieces and materials, creativity-based solutions and quality service, all goes with the highest attention to the customers.

The purpose of Interni can be summarised in a few basic concepts:

  • Improve the quality of life of individuals, translating the needs and desires of the customers into high-profile projects and products;
  • Offer a careful and refined choice, attentive to the customer’s needs;
  • Ensure a tailored service: from the design, to the installation and customer care.

Gierrehome’s main purpose is to create a comfortable, safe and pleasant space, all with eco-friendly products and in the highest respect for the environment.
A choice of long-lasting value and quality.